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Mission & Activities


The South Dakota Academy of Science endeavors:

  • to develop interest in science,
  • to strengthen the bonds of fellowship between scientists, those interested in science, and students of science,
  • to preserve information of scientific value and,
  • to stimulate research in areas that relate to the natural resources of the state.
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The purpose of the Academy is to:

  • encourage and promote research and publication in the various scientific disciplines;
  • strengthen the teaching of science at all levels;
  • provide a forum for the scientific community so that the interpretation and dissemination of scientific information will result in a better public understanding of science


  •  The Academy holds its annual meetings on a Friday and Saturday in April at one of the collegiate campuses of the state. The location of these meetings rotates from year to year. At these meetings the annual address of the President of the Academy is given and a program of scientific papers is presented. The Annual Academy Dinner and the Academy Address by a distinguished scientist are held on Friday evening.
  • The Academy publishes annually The Proceedings of the South Dakota Academy of Science. This publication is open to all members of the Academy for publication of papers presented at the annual meetings. Copies are distributed to all Full Members as part of their membership dues. Copies are also sent to libraries throughout the United States and to foreign countries on an exchange basis.
  • . The Academy provides awards to regional science fair winners throughout the state.
  • Throughout the year the Academy is active in the interests of science and much of its work is carried out through various standing and special committees.
  • The South Dakota Academy of Science is affiliated with the American Association for the Advancement of Science and has a permanent representative on the Academy Council of that organization.